Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finding the right online Casino

I love playing poker online. I enjoy chatting with people over a friendly game, and I get to meet people from all over the world when I play online. I think that most gambling card games have more to do with skill then just luck like most of the other gambling games like roulette. I found that I even enjoy watching the pros play on TV. Poker is my game. Now mind you I do tend to play online at sites that have play money games, though I do like to play the odd 10 cent table or even the 10 cent to $1.00 tournaments. I have found that winning money is great, but I just enjoy the game so it as much fun for me to play the play money games, as it is to play for real money. Which is good because I don’t have the money to loose. If I am not willing to loose the money I will not play it. Good rule to play by when gambling.

I found an interesting website that is a Casino Review Site. The idea is that they have pulled all the data for quite a few online casinos and then have put it together in an easy to use list so that you can compare each online casino to find the one that is right for you. What I liked was that there was a review done for each casino by the editor and then right beside it was the reviews done by people who have gambled on that casinos site. It made it easy to find out what people thought about the casino. I also liked that they had a list rating each casino for each type of game. I could look under poker, and other people could look under bingo, craps, Baccarat, Keno and more to find out what casinos had the best games.

I have to admit that I like playing backgammon but never thought about gambling on a game. I believe that it originated as a gambling game so it makes sense that people would gamble on it. If I was more of a gambler I might actually try a game or two just to see how I would do. I suspect though that most people gambling on the game are better at it then I am. I do think it is also one of those games where skill is important, but you still need some luck. Poker is still my game because you don’t need the best cards to win; you just need others to think you have the best cards. Mind you I am not going to quite my day job and try to become a Poker pro.

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