Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just started making a leather Celtic Shield

Starting on new Celtic Shield. It will be 15 1/8" in diameter. The shield is cut from 16 oz. Armour grade Leather by hand. Design drawn, burned and painted by hand by James. The Cross is set in the center with Celtic knot work. The 8 phases of the moon are set in their celestial pattern surrounding the cross. The word Protection is written in runes starting at the top of the cross and running clockwise around the edge.

Here you can see the background pattern of knot work being done.

Next step will be the waxing and then the wrist and forearm straps will be riveted on the back. Once they are in place the shield will rest on the arm and leave some room for the hand and wrist to move. I plan to make the straps adjustable to fit a range of arm sizes.

Waxing the shield

Wax drying

Almost done. Waxing is all done, and I have added the two adjustable arm straps. I don't like how it fits so I am going to change it. I am going to make the wrist strap into a handle, and that will change how the shield is held. Though I am sure this well end up on a wall as decoration. So far I have put in about 5 to 6 hours into this Celtic shield.

New handle - all done.

I had a great time making this shield. I have the shield available for sale if any one is interested at

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Rip said...

Thats cool man thanks for sending.