Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Start with the Right Website

With the current slow moving economy many business are looking for effective and economical ecommerce solutions. It can be a smart move to look to the internet as a means to expand a business’s customer base. However an online business is exactly that, a business and must be treated as such.

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that if they open a website customers will come flocking in. It does not work that way. As much time, if not more, needs to be invested into building an online business as a brick and mortar business. In some ways a brick and mortar business has some real advantages,such as a physical location that people can find simply by driving by.

This is not the case with a website; people have to be looking for it to find it. It may be less expensive to buy a "create your own website" software. However there is no point in investing time and money into a website that no one can find. Web designers understand how the internet works and how people find websites.

For example there are millions of web designers available online. A New York based web designer will make sure they use the relevant keywords web designers ny so that businesses in New York are more likely to find them.

Another factor to take into consideration is that a business needs to stand out from its competition regardless if it is a brick and mortar location or an online business. Thousands of businesses are using the exact same website creation software. There are only so many variations that can be done, so most of the websites look very much alike. There is no creativity or individuality to make one website stand out from any other.

It is very difficult to brand an online business if it looks the same as half a dozen other sites. A website in a box or a monthly rental website may be cheaper in the short run but more costly in the long run. A website designed to promote and market a specific company is going to be much more effective and provide more value to any business.

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