Friday, December 21, 2007

Why static landing pages are good for Internet marketing

A landing page is an html page that you use as an ad for web sites you are promoting. You can think of it as a one-page web site that you use to direct people to other sites. You can focus on marketing this page instead of trying to promote several web sites. The page promotes the web sites for you. It does not matter if the page is marketing retail web sites that you own or are an affiliate of, or ads. The idea is to use the landing page to get more search engine traffic.

A landing page also helps target for specific products. If a web site has many diverse products it is very difficult to use key words and phrases on the home page for all the products. You use landing pages to optimize key words and phrases for just one product or category of products with direct links to the products on the web site. This way when someone uses a search engine to look for a product you have a better chance of being found with the targeted landing page, then with the more general home page.

This is also a great way to capture a hidden market; people misspell words when using search engines. You make a landing page that uses common misspellings of key words and phrases. Your competitors may not be marketing to incorrectly spelled words so they are not showing up on the search engine, but you are. It is useful if you make the landing page to look the same as your home page but with the misspelled words, and then link it to your web site. This way people don’t notice that they did not open your web site in the first place.

Another reason to use static landing pages is because they can be used for both Adwords and Overture. As of January 12th, 2005 Google lets one affiliate advertise one product per domain. This makes it hard to promote affiliate products. When using landing pages you don’t need to put “affiliate” in your ad, you meet the requirements of Adwords and Overture.

Before making a landing page you need to know what type to make, reference or transactional. A reference landing page provides information that is of interest to a visitor. The information can be text, images, a selection of links, or any combination. The information is used to bring people to the page and needs to tie into the ads so the ads are relevant. You can write an article on the history of Celtic designs and the meanings of them with pictures. Maybe have a short video on the page. Then have ads for Celtic jewelry sites, trips to Ireland, Family history research company, books on Celtic designs and more. You use the right key words on the page so a person interested in Celtic designs or Celtic history finds your page. Now they see your ads and are more likely to click on them because every thing has been targeted to them.

The other landing page is transactional. The goal is the sale of a product or service, or capturing information such as email addresses. Again you have some type of write up that is designed to use key words to get visitors. Once some one is on the page you want them to buy some thing. You have an actual ad that they can buy the product directly. If you are an affiliate of a retail site you sell their product on your page or have an affiliate link so people can buy the product on their site. You are interested in the sale, not a click through. If you are trying to get some ones email address you are still getting them to buy into whatever idea or offer you are promoting, but to get the “product” they have to fill in a form. Reports on how to be successful or make money online are usually the type of product being promoted. The pay off here is the email address, name or phone number that can be used as a lead.

Not every one knows how to make landing pages. If you are like most of us and do not know how to make a landing page then you want to look at the many different programs available to create landing pages. I am lucky, my husband has learned HTML just so he can create our landing pages. He has indicated that it is not as hard as he thought it would be, but that he is looking forward to when we can get a program that is "what you see is what you get" that does the coding for you. You just put what you want, be it text, pictures, or ads where you want it and your done.

Written by: Lori-Lee Craig
Medieval Magic

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