Sunday, April 22, 2007

What type of person are you – the one who risks all, or sacrifices the dream for your kids?

If you have ever had just one of those days, worried about keeping a roof over your head and food in your kids you will understand the video Pursuit of Happyness. In some points it hits too close to home, other times they tell it like it is. Its bad, but they don’t show as bad as it is for those who are homeless. They touch on it and let you have a good idea, but you will never know unless you live it.

This is a great movie for every one who struggles every day, looking for a light, or a better pay cheque at the end of the day. Some days it is hard not to give up and cry, it was nice to see some one win. Me being me, living the life I have had, I have to feel for the other 19 people who did not make it. Who gave their best and still did not get the job, not because they were not good at it or did not give their all but because there was only one job. What makes some one succeed is the ability to pick them selves up and going on any way. That is what Chris Gardner played by Will Smith did. He did not succeed at what he was doing but he kept on going until he found some thing he did succeed at.

This was a very hard movie to watch at times. It hit that fear of loosing every thing, and struggling to find a bead for your child to sleep in, food for him to eat, a safe place to be. At the same time it took a lot for Chris Gardner to put every thing into this one thing, to work for nothing for 6 months for the chance at a job, when he did not have money to live. What type of person does that. I don’t know if I could take that chance at the expense of my child. I think I would have had to find a job just to pay the rent, and gave up that dream to survive. What type of person are you – the one who risks all, or the one who sacrifices the dream for your kids?

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