Thursday, April 26, 2007

Made a leather spider shield

My son loves the TV show spider riders. Great, but we could not find any spider rider toys in any stores, not even on eBay. So I decided to make him a shield with a spider on it. Well I knew if I made him one I had to make one for our daughter. So I made three so they could each pick one and I would have one to sell. I made sure the shield was the same size as my sons forearm. The shield is 6 ½” in diameter and is made from 16 oz. Armour grade leather. I originally was going to have the shield fit over the arm, but changed it to a hand strap. The shields are designed drawn, burned and painted by hand. My son loves his, the blue one. My daughter liked the green one, so I have the pink one for sale on my web site

Burned, Painted and Waxed. I forgot to take pictures as I did the work. Here the wax is drying.

All done.

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