Thursday, June 19, 2008

How you display your product helps create your company's image

How you display your product shows how much pride you have in it. It also develops the image of your company. It does not matter if you are providing information, giving away samples or actually selling, peoples first impressions go a long way to developing an brand image for your product and your company. You always want to make the best impression possible.

I love selling at festivals, craft shows and even the odd trade show. One of the things I learned very quickly is that the look of your table or booth is just as important as your product. If you do not look professional then people are not going to want to buy from you, or even take your information. Image is everything when it comes to sales. How people perceive your booth in the first few seconds is what they use to decide if they are going to come over to it or walk around it. So you know your staff and the booth need to look tidy, clean and professional to get people to come over. At the same time you need to stand out from all the other booths.

How you display your product will have an impact on how your booth looks, and if people will come over to look. Over the years I have developed a weakness for displays. I am always looking for the newest table top display. There are always better ones coming out. I use them to change and improve my booths look every year, and yet I have to try and make it so that people recognize that it is us and come over to see what new products we have this year. Having table covers with our name and logo on the front of the table makes it easy for people quickly identify that it is us. It also gives us a nice professional look to attract new customers. It really does make a difference in our sales when we take the time to maintain a professional but unique look to our booth.

I can also say as a buyer at a wholesale show how a trade show exhibits looks does determine if I check out their product or not. It also influences me in desiding to buy from someone. If they don’t take care of the booth, have a professional looking display of their products, and looks different from the 100 other booths all selling the same or similar products I am less likely to buy from them. If they don’t take the time to take care of their booth what quality of product can I expect from them? On the other hand if the booth is easy to identify, professional, and looks good I am more likely to trust their quality. It is like shopping at the dollar store where everything is crammed together or a fine jewellery store where everything is professionally displayed with each piece is placed with care and thought to its value.

If you don’t care how your booth looks or how your product is displayed then why should anyone care about your company or product. I had learn the hard way that if you don’t spend the money to make sure your booth looks good it does not matter what you are selling or giving away, you will not make sales or contacts. Over the years the quality and look of my booth has improved as I was able to afford better displays, table cloths and even a better looking booth. The more I invested into the image of my company the better I did.

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