Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Toddler left in sweltering car

I have to say that I am sick to my stomach after reading this. How can any one even think about leaving a child in a car any time, let alone in this heat. There is no excuse for this. I would like to see them charged with attempted murder for this one. Maybe if there were some real consequences for this, like going to jail for some time, people would think twice before doing some thing like this. Obviously the loss of the child is not a big concern for this couple. Any one could have taken this child from the car, and the heat could have killed the child.

The real sad part is that it happens all the time. I know people who work in security at a local Casino and others at shopping malls. It is not unusual for them to save a kid or a pet at least once a week, some times more. Most people would say, I just ran in to get some thing or I was only gone for a minute. A few years ago, also outside a big store, I was picking up my husband and pulled up behind a car with two little kids in the back seat. It was a hot summer evening, and I sat there for 20 min. watching the two little kids before some guy came out of Chapters and got into the car and drove away. If I had a cell phone, I would have called to cops. As it was I had tried to find a phone, and had tried to get some ones attention to call the cops. I did not want to leave the kids to get some one to call for help, but I had started trying to get my husbands attention in the store (they were closed and doing the nightly closing routine they would not even come to the door to find out what I wanted). I was trying to get them to come to the door and find out what I wanted when the guy got in the car and drove away. The kids seemed to be ok, but a little upset but I wish I had a cell that day. The car window was open a little, but again any one could have taken those kids, and the heat could have harmed them. Who cares so little about their kids that it is ok to leave them unattended any place.

I know, lots of people do, they just don’t think about it. Their needs come before their kids or their kid’s safety. Right now we are keeping an eye out because we have been informed of a 5 year old who is left in our “park” all buy himself on a regular basses. We are waiting to see this ourselves, and trust me a phone call will be made if it is true. It is not safe here to leave a kid alone, at least not a 5 year old.

Any way read this story and tell me what you think, and then send it to your family and friends. Again, if we do not do some thing, things will not change. We need to let other people know about this and how unacceptable it is.

Here is the link to the story so you know where I got it from: http://autos.canada.com/news/story.html?id=95c59f46-577a-413f-b8dd-17b140c8a486

Toddler left in sweltering car
Parents were shopping at Best Buy
Dalson Chen, The Windsor Star
A Windsor couple will be investigated by the Children’s Aid Society after they left their two-year-old boy sweltering inside a locked and sealed car while they went shopping at Best Buy Monday night. Sgt. Tony Garro of Windsor police said an off-duty firefighter discovered the child apparently unconscious in the backseat of a grey Saturn in the parking lot of the electronics store at Walker and Provincial Road around 7:30 p.m.

A Windsor police officer, left, questions a man who's child was left unattended in a locked vehicle for a period of time. An off-duty firefighter noticed the two-year-old child sleeping in a vehicle parked outside the Best Buy store in east Windsor. The unidentified person notified emergency agencies who responded to the scene. The car's window was broken in order to rescue the child from the extreme heat. The child was transported to Windsor Regional Hospital for examination. Windsor Police a
Photograph by : Jason Kryk, The Windsor Star

“It baffles me when people do this,” Garro said. “It’s hot enough just walking outside and standing there, let alone being trapped in a car with the windows up. It’s like being in a greenhouse.” The city has been under an extreme heat alert since the weekend, with nighttime temperatures on Monday remaining above 30 C. Garro said that when he arrived at the scene in his police vehicle, he noticed the outdoor temperature of the parking lot was around 95 F (35 C). Asked how hot it could’ve been inside the Saturn, Garro said: “I imagine it wouldn’t take long to get into triple digits. Within minutes.” Firefighters arrived first in response to the off-duty firefighter’s 911 call. After knocking on a window and getting no reaction from the toddler, they smashed open the front driver side window to unlock the car and get him out. “The child was very, very hot and sweating,” Garro said. An ambulance took the boy to the Metropolitan Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital for treatment. Speaking on Monday night, hospital spokesman Ron Foster said the child was still being examined. Garro said he believes the boy is okay. According to Garro, about five minutes elapsed between the firefighter’s call and the child’s rescue. “We don’t know how long the child was in there before the firefighter actually observed it.” Asked what was the parents’ explanation for leaving the boy inside the car, Garro said: “They just said he was only in there for a couple minutes.” Garro said a report was made to the CAS and investigators will look into the matter. It’s the second time in the past month that Garro has had to deal with a parent leaving a child inside a locked and sealed car in the same parking lot. Garro said there was a previous incident of a mother who left her 18-month-old child while she went into the Real Canadian Superstore that’s next door to Best Buy. Garro said the public must be aware that “any child or animal left in a car locked up that way can pass out and dehydrate,” and it’s also dangerous to leave a defenseless child unattended.
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