Sunday, June 3, 2007

Why you want to use Must Have Hits to get clicks

If you want more then just hits then Must Have Hits is for you. If you just want hits, then Must Have Hits will give that to you and a lot more if you put your time into it.

I have used over 30 traffic exchange programs and looked into more. It takes a lot to stand out from all the others. Must Have Hits goes that extra mile for their people. If you are looking for very high volume hits, then you have to put the time into it (or money) just like any other hit exchange. It is the owner, Juli Norwood aka Naughty that makes the difference. Why because she gives you some thing much more important then clicks, she gives you her time. Not just to help you do well on her site, Must Have Hits, but to help you with your site or other programs you are on. How does she do this, she makes splash pages for you, with the information you want on it. She even hosts it for you, runs it on Must Have Hits, and will give you the URL so you can put it on other hit exchange programs.

Juli has helped me in several ways, one she took the time to explain to me how the down line builder works, and why a down line is important even when you are only doing the free programs. She also noticed that I was putting blogs with adsence adds on and she emailed me to let me know that I was going to have a problem with adsence because of that. Then she let me know about a few other ad programs that are out there that don’t mind you using click exchanges. She did not have to do that; it did not help Must Have Hits in any way. However, it did help me. Sure enough I got an email from adsence saying just what Juli said they would. I took adsence off my web sites and will be looking into the other ad programs Juli told me about. Then she made me splash pages, ones that work. I was having problems getting people signing up for affiliate plan. The plan was good; my advertising page was not getting people to stop surfing to read about it. Juli made me a splash page that works, it gets peoples attention and once they took the time to read it, they signed up.

How did I get the splash page, I surfed. Some thing I was doing any way. Juli has surfing contests. If you surf 1200 in a month you become part of the 1200 club with a free upgrade to Basic Pro along with 300 credits and 200 banner impressions. If you surf 4000 in a month you become part of the 4000 club with a free upgrade to Enterprise Pro Then you will receive the upgrade along with 800 credits and 500 banners. Then one of your links is placed on the actual surf page. I also place your Must Have Hits affiliate link in a rotator that I rotate on various Traffic Exchanges. 4000 Club members also receive a BRAND YOU splash page created and hosted by Must Have Hits Admin.

I don’t usually tell people to go to any particular hit exchange; I figure there are so many out there that people can find the ones that work for them very easily. I am telling you to at least check this site out and see if it works for you. I know it works for me.

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